In-depth Reviews Of The Best Fungicide For Anthracnose

You might not know this, but when leaves start to get spotted, there is an issue. And one of the major reasons is anthracnose. This disease is widespread, which could affect all kinds of plants through trees, grains, and ornamental plants. Of course, it could not make the plants die immediately, yet if it is not controlled, your plants will surely be in a really bad condition.

To give you the right solution for this fungal disease, we have done the research and found the best fungicide for anthracnose. Are you eager to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Best Fungicide For Anthracnose 

1. Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3

The leading spot on our list calls the name of Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3. There are several reasons why we rank this product in this position. Firstly, the brand Garden Safe is always on our recommended list of fungicide as its products come with natural-based ingredients, which is safe for the health of gardeners.

Plus, we are impressed with the easy-to-use formula of this product. It could be used as miticide, insecticide, and fungicide.

Accordingly, not only could it offer effective control against a bunch of pests, insects such as Whiteflies, Mealy Bugs, Japanese, Loopers, Caterpillars, it even prevents a bunch of fungal diseases, especially anthracnose, and Spider Mites as well.

Additionally, the Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3 manages to control rust, powdery mildew, and black spot.

Another plus point of this fungicide is that as it comes with a sprayer, you could provide complete coverage for your plant issue. One more thing, the Garden Safe Brand Fungicides 3 works well with houseplants, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and fruit.

Regarding its usage, you could apply it weekly to every two weeks until the disease risks completely disappear. This product comes with an oil-based ingredient of Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem oil so that the ideal time application is early morning or late evening to limit the risks for leaf burn.

In short, with an affordable price tag, the Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3 is the ideal fungicide for you to get the risk of various kinds of pests, insects, and so on.


  • Easy-to-use formula
  • Work as fungicide, insecticide, and miticide
  • Deliver complete coverage
  • Work well with most plants


  • None

2. BioAdvanced 701270A Effective Fungicide 

Our next position belongs to the Bioadvanced 701270A fungicide. It is safe to say this product could cure and control most of the listed lawn diseases. Accordingly, it could hinder anthracnose, red thread, rust, brown patch dollar spot, and many other fungal diseases.

The fungicide comes in a 32-ounce bottle with a sprayer for great coverage. This is an EZ-Grip one-touch sprayer. You could simply attach the fungicide with your garden hose, then turn on the water, and make use of your thumb to activate the sprayer. You might not know this, but this product could treat up to 5,000 square feet.

Not to mention, the fungicide also provides long and weather-resistant protection for your plants. On top of that, the fungicide features advanced fungus management for lawns thanks to the propiconazole ingredient. Accordingly, it could cure and control the most popular lawn diseases. Such a great feature!

In addition, its exclusive formula offers rain-resistant protection against many lawn diseases like dollar spot, brown patch, red thread, rust, and powdery mildew.

In case your lawn is quite dry, remember to water and let dry before you apply the fungicide. You know, watering after the application carries this fungicide into the root area. It enters the grass via its blades and roots.

That said, it needs to be improved at one point. It would be better if this fungicide offers an easier application rate control. In fact, you could find it difficult to manage the amount of application.


  • Able to manage most of the listed lawn diseases
  • Deliver weather-resistant protection
  • Treat up to 5,000 square feet


  • Difficult to control the application rate

3. Safer 5180-6 Neem Oil Ready-to-Use Brand Fungicide

The safe 5180-6 Neem Oil Fungicide made its way on our list due to various reasons.

First of all, it is safe to say, with this product, you could rest assured that it could tackle many kinds of pests, and other fungal issues like anthracnose on your household plants while keeping compliant for natural gardening.

Plus, coming in a ready-to-use formula, this product works as a fungicide, a miticide, and an insecticide. Not only does it kill eggs, larvae, but it also could tackle issues caused by adult stages of insects.

Not to mention, featuring neem oil extracts, the product could destroy black spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose, and other diseases by hindering their ability to molt as well as suppressing their desire to feed.

Moreover, it could manage spider mites and various other insects. You could apply this fungicide to houseplant, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants.

What we also like about this product is that its 32-ounce bottle comes with a non-clogging sprayer head for immediate action against mites, insects, and fungus problems. You will not need to mix the neem solution only spray and save the remaining for the next time.

Nevertheless, we found that this fungicide does not work well with powdery mildew, in fact. Also, it is quite more expensive than other products with most of the similar effects.


  • Tackle most types of pest and fungal problems
  • Come in a ready-to-use formula
  • Feature neem oil extracts
  • Deliver wide coverage with non-clogging sprayer head


  • Not ideal for handling powdery mildew
  • Expensive

4. Black Flag Extreme Lawn Insect Killer

Another notable name on the fight against anthracnose is the Black Flag Extreme Lawn Insect Killer. This product comes in a dual-action formula. Not only does it kill harmful insects instantly, but it also hinders a bunch of listed lawn diseases and fungus.

On top of that, it is also a rain-resistant fungicide. Even when it rains, the Black Flag Extreme Lawn Insect Killer is entirely hard to be washed off. Thereby, you could feel peace of mind when your plants could get long protection irrespective of the rain.

What we are also impressed with this product is that it takes quite fast-acting. As soon as you apply it, it could quickly kill listed insects.

It is safe to say with fast-acting formulas, Black Flag fungicide could arm gardeners in the fight against invading bugs for years. Coming in a 32-ounces bottle, the product could treat up to 2,500 sq ft per one quart.

The product is recommended to be used for outdoor conditions. By spraying it on your lawns, you could get the best control of fungal diseases for about two weeks.

Notably, to ensure your peace of mind, the manufacturer promises to return your money if its product does not work.

Any cons? We would say Yes to this question. Firstly, it is a bit pricey to buy this fungicide. Also, though the product works, it only lasts several days. Then, the bugs will be back within several days.


  • Rain-resistant
  • Come with a fast-acting formula
  • Cover up to 2,500 square feet per one quart
  • Get back money policy


  • Expensive
  • Only last in a short period

5. Fertilome 11377 EMW7319569

Ending our list is the Fertilome 11377 EMW7319569 fungicide. This product stands out with the formulas of propiconazole 1.55%, which could manage various lawn diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, red thread, powdery mildew, and of course, anthracnose well.

Also, as a water-based systemic fungicide, with a size of 16 ounces, it works best on flowers, roses, shrubs, and trees. 

Not to mention, to get the best results, you should apply it early in the season. If the diseases are already present, it will be difficult for the product to eliminate them.   

However, it would be much better if this fungicide comes in wider coverage. If you have a wide garden or lawn, you should skip this option. Also, its effectiveness is not as high as those of the products as mentioned above.


  • Come with propiconazole 1.55% formula
  • Can tackle many lawn diseases like dollar spot, red thread, and brown patch


  • Small coverage
  • Lower performance than other products on the list

Final Thoughts

So you have done our reviews of the best fungicide for anthracnose. Do you tend to go for any product on our list? If yes, we hope it will provide you the best result to deal with anthracnose as well as other fungal diseases. If not, you could consider our top pick – the Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3 for its excellent performance and affordable price tag. 

Anyway, thank you for your spending time, and do not forget to let us know your ideas on the comment box below.