Best Aeroponic Nutrients 2020 for Fast-Growing Plants

The aeroponic greenhouse is preferred by gardeners. If you are applying this planting method, it would be best to equip the suitable nutrients.

There are many options available on the market, but which are the best aeroponic nutrients

Don’t have to look for one. We helped you to list the right products. Just below!!!

Top 5 Best Aeroponics Nutrients 2020

#1. General Hydroponics B017H73708 Set – Editor’s Choice

Being the initial Building-Block Nutrient System, the General Hydroponics B017H73708 Set does not provide the duplicate nutrients. There is full of nutrients, including Micro, Secondary, and Primary.

You can comfortably adjust the mixture, depending on your plants’ needs. Because of the same brand and materials, you can spread and spray them together. 

Additionally, highly purified concentrates in every bottle are helpful. When mixing and spraying, they make the nutrients solute optimally. So, efficiency brings amazing after use. Your plants can quickly absorb all sources of nourishment. 

Typically GH Flora Series works well on tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and others. According to the feedback of customers, not only do they enhance nutrition, but plants also get essential oils and aroma. So great!

Antarctic and Nasa research scientists have believed and chosen the Flora Series. What about you?


  • Easy to use
  • Well-growing herbs
  • Great nutrients
  •  Great in soil, too


  • Strong (paying attention to the use amount)

#2. General Hydroponics GH1211, Green – Best for Growth Stage

For the plants in the growth stage, they need plenty of nutrients. So, one product offering concentrated nutrients like the General Hydroponics GH1211 is ideal. 

Nutrients in this product package are dry concentrate, extremely potent, water-soluble, and stand-alone. Regardless of applying in soil-based, hydroponic, or soil growing conditions, your plants can easily absorb.

In addition to Micro, Primary, and Second Nutrients, the General Hydroponics GH1211 is a pH-buffered solution. It allows you to apply on a range of different trees in both the best hydroponics systems and soil-based environments, brings a superior result.

Yes, we strongly recommend this product to all, especially for the plants in the reproductive stage.


  • Full-strength solution
  • Great for the new MICROGREEN extensions
  • Simple to use


  • Necessary to equip the PH raising solution

#3. Clonex HGC726011, Brown – Best for Rooted Clones and Seedlings

Those who are looking for a plant nutrient for seedlings or rooted clones should not ignore the excellent product – the Clonex HGC726011.

Blended with the premium quality minerals, the solution from Clonex includes Calcium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, and essential components for plant growth. More importantly, there is Vitamin B1 for the reduction of transplant shock. 

Is it hard to find a useful solution at affordability like the Clonex HGC726011? In a 946ml bottle, besides minerals, it even contains root enhancing agents as well as micro nutrients.

These nutrients will help to nourish new root plant cells. Ensure that your seedlings grow healthily. 


  • 100% success rate
  • Easier to utilize
  • Great for rooting cuttings
  • Good for starting seeds as well


  • A requirement of reading the instruction carefully

#4. AeroGarden B00R9SASGM – Best for All Hydroponic Applications

As the name implies, the AeroGarden B00R9SASGM is a liquid-formed nutrient in a 3oz bottle. It contains Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, and many essential Macro and Micro nutrients, precisely formulated to stimulate the plant growth in a hydroponic environment.

Recorded the reviews of consumers, they appreciate the nutrients inside the AeroGarden bottle. The plants grow incredibly. 

Moreover, the AeroGarden B00R9SASGM also provides users with a pH-buffering system. It is organic and superb for all hydroponic applications.

Not fastidious! This product, which enables you to use all plants in hydroponics, keeps them healthy. When applying, you only need to pour the liquid into the dispenser cup with ML markings attached. Ensure the exact volume.

Hence, feel secure to use! 


  • Nice starter nutrients
  • Efficiently growing plants
  • Lasting-long use time up to 5 months


  • Pricey

#5. Advanced Nutrients 3800-14 –  Best for Price

The final product on our list is the Advanced Nutrients 3800-14, considered as the best choice for quality and quantity. 

Unlike the options reviewed above, the Advanced Nutrients 3800-14 both provides the nutritious elements and balance pH. Particularly, in sphagnum moss, soil, coco coir, aeroponics, and many types of plant growing condition, it works well. 

What’s more, the manufacturer, Advanced Nutrients, seems to play big when packing the entire nutrients in a 1-liter bottle. You can use it comfortably. 

Nonetheless, we do not forget to remind you to pay attention to the dosage. As far as we know, the pH adjuster is very strong. Careful!


  • Affordable
  • Lasting-longer use time
  • Excellent pH stability


  • Quite strong


Is aeroponics better than hydroponics?

Either aeroponics or hydroponics is beneficial in comparison with soil-based gardening. Both offer higher yields, faster-growing plants, and fewer environmental impacts. 

However, in aeroponics, plants do not have to compete for nutrients, while plants in hydroponics compete for a lot. Plus, there are available nutrients, and the ability to absorb of plants in aeroponics is more efficient. 

Hence, aeroponic plants grow more quickly and give better yields.

What are the advantages of aeroponics?

When talking about the advantages of aeroponics, there is the maximum ability to absorb. Plant in aeroponics can optimally grow because the roots can expose to oxygen frequently. As a result, the plants grow healthily and fastly.

On top of that, the aeroponics system is no requirement of maintenance too much. You only need to disinfect the container housing in which contains the roots regularly. Simple!

On the Whole 

What are you waiting for without making a decision? From our point of view, all products are the best aeroponic nutrients you can consider investing in. 

Importantly, you need to look back on the needs, budget, and plant requirements. 

You are on the right track! Good luck!